Atlas Copco has applied its expertise in air compressors to vacuum pump technology with the launch the GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump system. The pump is suitable for “rough vacuum” between 0.5mbar and 500mbar. In this operating pressure range, oil-sealed rotary screw technology is said to offer the best performance at the lowest energy cost.

Thanks to its modulating valve, fitted at the pump inlet, the capacity of the pump can be matched to actual demand. This not only minimizes the system’s vacuum level fluctuations, but also operates the pump at the lowest possible energy point. Another benefit of this feature is that the vacuum pump also has to stop and start less frequently, leading to less wear and maintenance increasing reliability.

The GV vacuum pumps deliver capacities between 20 and 5000m3/h, so they are suitable for applications from printing and packaging to plastics, electronics, woodworking, bottling and canning. In such applications, the GV pumps are able to deliver consistent and efficient vacuum.

Thanks to its quiet operation, the GV can be installed close to the point of use. However, they can also be installed as a remote installation as part of a centralised vacuum system.

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