Brownell Ltd introduces the REACTRANS Transformer Breather. It is self-reactivating, eliminating the need for periodic desiccant replacement. The ReActrans breather is designed for use on both power and distribution transformers.  

Transformer breathers eliminate the problems caused by moisture laden air being drawn into electricity transformers during their operation. These problems include a break down of the insulating properties of oil, caused by too higher moisture concentration. Moisture in the oil will then in turn contaminate the insulating paper in the transformer.

REACTRANS has a fully automatic reactivation control function which is managed by a process controller. A twin column drying system ensures that the optimum performance is achieved by the desiccant at all times.

All electricity transformers will have a different operating profile owing to load, duty and location. REACTRANS takes all these variables into account, thus removing any potential uncertainty in the desiccant life of a conventional transformer breather.