Emerson Process Management has introduced the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter, as part of its “Smart Energy Initiative”. This initiative aims to help lower energy costs and reduce emissions. By combining temperature measurement with acoustic ‘listening’ the transmitter offers visibility into the state of steam traps and pressure relief valves, helping process plants reduce their energy expenses and environmental impact.

Failing steam traps can cause up to approximately 20% of produced steam to be lost. The 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter provides accurate measurement and constant visibility to steam traps without the effort of a manual inspection. This can  reduce steam trap failures and fuel cost by 10-20% each year.

Pressure relief valves are another critical component of a plant. Manual monitoring for releases at pressure relief valves occurs periodically and does not indicate when or why a release occurred, increasing the chances of a safety, regulatory or environmental incident. The Wireless Acoustic Transmitter provides visibility to pressure relief valves by alerting operators when a valve has opened in just one second.

The transmitter uses the WirelessHART monitoring system, which offers greater than 99% data reliability.

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