A wireless transmission system designed to make it easier to install weighbridges at existing sites has been introduced by Weightron Bilanciai. In some applications site logistics may dictate that the weight indicator be mounted remotely from the weighbridge at another part of the site. Normally this would involve time consuming and disruptive civil works in order to lay underground cables.

The weights and measures approved DIZIG/IP wireless system overcomes these problems by using a secure 2.4 GHz radio transmission to send bi-directional data between the weighbridge and the weight indicator. The system is used in conjunction with Weightron’s DILink digital junction box, mounted at the weighbridge, and the D800, which are connected to their respective transmitter and receiver via a standard RS232 serial link. The DIZIG is available with transmission distances ranging from 150m to 1500m. Weightron can also provide wireless operated traffic lights and control barriers.

Also, if the weighbridge is surface mounted with steel ramps, the use of the wireless system means any future relocation of the weighbridge deck or complete system is simplified.

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