The CBI2801224A has a power capacity of 280W at either 12 or 24V DC output. The dual voltage output allows great flexibility in design and installation. The input voltage of 115/230V AC matches all industry standards. With automatic battery management, requiring nothing more than selecting the battery type via jumpers, the CBI2801224A offers unrivalled flexibility.  With MODbus and temperature compensation featured as standard the unit provides further scope for increased use in many applications.

  • Output power 280W
  • Dual voltage Output, selectable (12V or 24V). Two products in one
  • Modbus RTU connectivity for remote control
  • Battery Care: automatic recharge and diagnosis
  • Suited to all battery types: Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, Lead Gel, NiCd
  • Battery start-up as a standard feature via push button

In addition to the CBI2801224A, dual voltage output variant, the CBI series is available in 12,24 or 48V output versions with up to 20A for 24V output  and 35A for the 12V variants. All variants can give up to 300% of the rated current with battery and mains present. For further information, please contact or Tel 01206 575755