Universal Robots (UR) has established a free online knowledge bank to ensure more organisations can maximise the potential of their collaborative robots (cobots). The content, containing on-demand webinars and articles created throughout 2020, means organisations can now automate processes more efficiently, effectively and with minimal investment.

The library of webinars and articles covers subjects from a wide-range of applications and industries, from how to automate specific processes, to more traditional manufacturing challenges – like health and safety. The repository also covers emerging sectors where automation is currently underutilised– like Coronavirus laboratory testing facilities. Furthermore, many of the webinars have been produced in a range of languages to accommodate the company’s global customer base.

The extensive schedule of webinars was originally conceived by Universal Robots to ensure new and existing customers retain the same standard of support as pre-pandemic levels. But the library now serves as a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide for common automation challenges.

Mark Gray, UK Sales Manager at UR, commented on the announcement, “As we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, and with the Brexit transition period nearly at an end, our support has never been more crucial to help our customers navigate this truly unprecedented period of disruption. This new repository of webinars, alongside the existing Universal Robots Academy, means that our customers now have access to an incredibly valuable resource for optimisation. By investing a small amount of time, organisations can quickly begin improving the efficiency of their cobots, increasing productivity and the quality of production – with minimal investment and manpower required.”


Webinar topics include:

Using Cobots in the Pharma and Medical Device Sector

Automation: If not now, then when?

Sanding and polishing

Packaging & Palletizing with Cobots

SME Automation Month