The Exlar K Series of linear actuators from INMOCO offers multiple model types, enabling users to chose the option best suited to their application and budgetary requirements.

Providing a universal solution for rod-style actuator applications, the actuators use Exlar’s patented roller screw technology with its proven reliability and superior load carrying capacity.

The price/performance ratio of the K Series electromechanical actuators means that they provide a clean, fast, simple and cost-effective replacement for hydraulic actuation, delivering a solution that offers superior life and performance.

With dimensions consistent to those for ISO Metric pneumatic actuators, the units provide a simpler, longer-life alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

The K series is available with the options of multiple grades of planetary roller screws and an ACME screw for applications where backlash cannot be tolerated.

The design of the roller screws allows them to be accelerated and rotated faster than comparably sized ball screws, while their large contact area allows high force characteristics and provides long life – typically 15 times that of comparably sized ball screws – even in the most demanding repetitive applications.

Its robust design ensures reliable performance in demanding applications. The standard body design provides an IP65 sealed housing and motor mount (when allowed by the design of motor used). This allows the actuators to be used in applications where spray is present without the requirement and cost of special options.