Hosokawa Micron offers triple stage, safe change filtration (pre filter, fine duct, HEPA) that enables maintenance personnel to remove contaminated particulate filters without coming in direct contact with the hazardous contaminants or internal booth surfaces during filter change – a significant improvement in design and operational safety.

Airlocks provide a pressurised bridge between a controlled air environment to an unregulated area, preventing entry or egress of potentially harmful or unwanted contaminants. A range of safety alarm, access control and decontamination options within such air locks ensure operator safety and product integrity standards are not compromised. Fully integrated cooling and heating packages offer operators the most comfortable working environment appropriate to their procedures allowing them maximum operational time. Temperature control packages come complete with local automated controls.

Hosokawa Micron can offer an optional PIR hands-free auto start mode of operation which powers up the systems on detection of movement in the booth front buffer zone. This means no physical contact with switches or controls is necessary with the advantage of minimising possible contamination by contact transference.