Dry and energy efficient vacuum pumps are set for the strongest growth between now and 2017, says a report from Frost & Sullivan. Strategic Analysis of the European Vacuum Pumps Market found that the market will expand from €405.2 million in 2010 to €750.1 million in 2017. This growth will be fuelled by both high-tech applications, and the rising awareness of the benefits of using vacuum systems.

The semi-conductor industry is still the largest segment for vacuum pumps, and although this is likely to decrease in the long-term, there will continue to be rising demands from sectors such as LED.

In industry, the move towards the use of pumps to meet commercial and legislative requirements to preserve the environment will fuel demand. A growing number of manufacturers will invest in more efficient dry vacuum pump designs to minimise any risk of oil contamination in end users’ processes and/or products.

However, as more end users move their manufacturing facilities outside Europe, to places where environmental regulations are not as strict, the growth potential in the European market will be impacted.

“Promisingly however, Central and Eastern Europe is expected to be a growth pocket,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Rajita Sahitya. “Manufacturing bases in the chemical processing and water and effluent treatment sectors are shifting to the region, and offer good potential for market growth.”

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• Another important technology in the process industry is flowmetering, and a report from IMS Research has forecast that coriolis flowmeters will overtake differential pressure flowmeters as the largest flowmeter market in 2014. The reasons sited are the inclusion of remote diagnostics in coriolis meters and the ability to measure greater line sizes. The report found that Asia, the smallest market for coriolis meters in 2010, is expected to surpass the Americas and EMEA?and become the largest market by 2014.