The new VEGABAR 80 pressure transmitter has innovated a revolutionary new feature: A fast thermal reaction system, the first of its kind in the world.

After being exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, it often takes some time for pressure transmitters (especially flush diaphragm types) to recover and deliver sensible measurements. However, a new fast thermal reaction system on VEGA flush-mounting CERTEC® ceramic cells maintains stable and correct measured values, even with very rapid temperature changes, delivering better accuracy and stability for improved productivity.

This patented design utilises the elegant solution of mounting a temperature measurement element directly in the back of the diaphragm. By being so close to the process, even the tiniest temperature change is immediately detected, so any thermal shock that occurs is quickly compensated. All VEGABAR 80 transmitters series can be simply interconnected for electronic differential pressure; with both sensors having the capability to do this, the innovation means high stability and accuracy with temperature extremes at each transmitter, often seen in sealed/pressurised vessels with hot CIP/SIP cleaning followed by chilled products. The innovation also means both process pressure and product temperature can be measured via a single process connection.

VEGA tests on  the new system with thermal shock change (<4°C / >95°C) compared this to the performance of other ceramic measuring cells, resulting in convincing proof that the new cell easily handles sudden, large jumps in temperature. This advance delivers accuracy and reliability needed for both rapid temperature changes and process temperature measurements.


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