In any manufacturing process guess work has to be kept to the absolute minimum. Scott Bader is a multinational chemical company manufacturing polymer, polyester and resins and their business depends heavily on precise measurements for manufacturing efficiency and cost minimisation. The company uses reactors and blenders which require cooling at different stages of production and it is crucial to know precisely the flow rate through heat exchangers of variable pumps which run at different speeds. Atiq Malik, Scott Bader’s Process Improvement Engineer needed to know the exact flow rate through cooling coils in order to estimate the overall cooling load and time in reactors and blenders. He had little confidence in the existing electromagnetic flow meters on 2 vessels. The other 3 were fitted with Micronics 220A and 220B, portable flow measurement and recording systems which allow simple, accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe giving non-invasive measurement of liquid flow.  An interactive QuickStart menu simplifies installation at any suitable location, together with minimal set-up requirements, means that the system can be installed and brought into service very quickly. Furthermore, the application parameters for a particular site can be saved to non-volatile memory and instantly recalled if a site is revisited for monitoring at a later time – further reducing the set-up time.

Mr Malik was satisfied with the quick and accurate flow measurement and easy to follow menu and simple set up which provided for minimum downtime. This in turn meant time and cost savings so he had no hesitation in recommending that the remaining 2 vessels were fitted with the Micronics meters.

Micronics were selected to supply the meters due to Scott Bader’s existing experience with the clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measurement technology. It was an easy decision to make due to the considerable cost reductions and the competitive pricing in comparison to similar technology solutions or alternatives which would have required significant installation and set up.  Mr Malik is certain that there will be numerous opportunities throughout Scott Bader to benefit from the confidence the Micronics flow meters provides.  

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