Where accurate flow measurements are required or even critical, it is imperative that the flow meter being used is producing correct and consistent results. Calibrating a flow meter ensures that it is correctly matched to the application and is performing accurately and within its’ stated specifications.

Constructed in house, the new raw water test rig sited at Bell Flow Systems in Buckinghamshire, has the ability to test and calibrate flow meters of many principals. The test rig is a PLC controlled PID loop with pipe sizes from ½” up to 4” coupled to a multistage pump capable of delivering up to 1000 litres a minute. The master meters installed on the rig are the latest electromagnetic flow meters from Badger Meter which perform to an accuracy of better than ±0.25%.

The core function of the test rig is flow meter calibration, traceable to UKAS standards. This new service offering allows Bell Flow Systems to re-calibrate existing meters and to provide new flow meters pre-prepared for their application, consequently reducing inaccurate calibrations being made onsite by customers. The test rig will also be used for confirming the accuracy of flow meters; tests that can be performed inline using flanged/screwed flow meters and also externally when testing ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters. In addition to this the test rig will be used for staff and customer training purposes and technology demonstrations.

Bell Flow Systems are also in the process of constructing a hydraulic oil test rig which will have the ability to test flow, measure pressure and temperature as well as calibrate flow meters for hydraulic oils and fuel with a vision to be traceable to UKAS. The rig’s master meters will be a Flo-tech turbine and a Blancett gear flow meter, both from Badger Meter and performing to an accuracy of ±1%.

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