Softstart UK has introduced a new intelligent vector control micro drive that provides versatile control modes and includes built-in PLC functionality. Manufactured by Delta Electronics, the C200 is suitable for use in applications such as food packaging machinery, conveyors, fans and pumps.

The built-in PLC functionality means the drive is suitable for standalone use in distributed drive applications, eliminating the need for a separate PLC. The C200 offers a program capacity of up to 5000 steps, with input and output relays, internal relays, a high speed 16-bit counter and a 100ms timer. The PLC functions are programmed in an intuitive Windows environment through Delta’s user-friendly WPLSoft ladder editing software.

The C200 supports both open and closed loop vector control, including sensorless open loop control of permanent magnet motors. The drive is operated, monitored and set using a touch keypad and LED display.

Another electric drive and motor manufacturer has also included a built-in micro PLC in its new range of inverter drives. WEG’s CFW500 range delivers a high level of control, at an affordable price. The drives are available in power ratings from 0.18 kW up to 22 kW, and have been designed for applications including centrifugal and process pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors.

The built-in micro-PLC can be programmed according to standard protocol IEC 61131-3. It also comes with pre-programmed macros for a range of applications, for example positioning, timer and acceleration.  Users can simply program the drive using the LCD HMI display, or via a computer through a variety of interfaces (RS232, USB, RS485). The WLP software for programming and monitoring is available from WEG free of charge.

The CFW500 can identify up to 64 different plug-in modules, and is suitable fro supporting decentralised automation concepts and is easy to connect to fieldbus systems including Profibus-DP, DeviceNet and CANopen. The drive features expansion plug-in modules, which makes it easy to customise for bespoke applications.

The simple-to-use and intuitive LCD HMI gives indication of up to three simultaneous variables, such as speed, as well as indication of the main units and performance statistics of the inverter.


WEG Electric Motors