Jam can be a tricky fluid to pump due to a few factors, firstly, it is quite viscous so needs a particular type of pump to transfer it. Secondly, jams often contain solids in suspension, such as fruit chunks or seeds, which can cause certain types of pumps to clog and also cause mechanical seals, which are fitted to the pump, to leak. Thirdly, due to the high sugar content and sticky nature of jam, seal faces in mechanically sealed pumps, can stick together when the pump is in standstill and rip apart and leak when the pump is put back into operation. Luckily, we have numerous options available to you to overcome these issues.

If your food substance contains small solids within it such as fruit chunks or seeds, you will need to be aware of pumps that are robust enough to deal with them effectively. We have at our disposal numerous pump types which can be used for this type of application.

A Kecol piston pump is an ideal choice because of their ability to:

  • Handle viscous products with solids in suspension
  • Relatively high discharge pressures
  • Hygienic clamp construction for easy cleaning
  • Simple pneumatic operation

However, your perfect pump will be dependent on your specific application. Speak to us today to discuss your specific application requirements and we will be more than happy to propose you the perfect pump for your application.

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