Econosto UK has undergone considerable changes since acquisition by the ERIKS group in 2008.  Access to a range of new valve products and other related items has enabled the company to expand its offering culminating in the development of an in-house Automation Centre at the Leicester Head Office.  Our skilled fitters have already been busy with a range of projects from simple valve and actuator packages to complex control solutions. 

Along with this significant development the company can now also announce the new Econ branded pneumatic actuator.  This actuator will be stocked at Leicester alongside German-built premium actuator brand AMG-Pesch, which is another of the ERIKS group companies and for which Econosto UK is the UK and Ireland distributor.

Where the application demands an alternative type or brand of actuator, then Econosto can source and supply as required but the main advantage of the stocked range is the ability to supply on short lead times which can often lead to savings for both customer and supplier.

The Econ actuator, which can be fitted to a range of valve types, is available in either single-acting or double-acting options to allow the customer the most suitable option for their application.

The single-acting actuator utilises a single air supply with a spring return to the “home” position (which may be either open or closed). The advantage is this allows the actuator to have fail-safe operation in the event of emergency without the need for manual intervention.  The double-acting version will lock in position should there be a failure in air or power supply which for some applications will be a more suitable alternative.

The actuator is aimed at core manufacturing and processing markets and, by holding stock in a range of sizes Econosto UK to fit the extensive profile of stocked valves, the company will be able to offer the fast turnaround needed to save both customers time and money. 

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