VEGA Tools : the new Apps and online resources

Main Application Details:

Finding out more about your VEGA sensor
Technology: Any device with a serial number
Application: Finding details, certs. and manuals for your device
Operating System: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android SMART Phone, PC Internet
Products All VEGA devices with a serial number


Occasionally the manuals and paperwork for a VEGA sensor are not always to hand. Perhaps it is a device on your plant that you need more information about, maybe it‘s in your workshop and you need more details before you deploy it, or it’s transferred from another department or company. All these scenarios can happen – so, how can you get this information quickly, conveniently and for free?


VEGA has launched “VEGA Tools” via the Apple App Store, Android SMART phone and on the VEGA website. It means the camera on your device will be able to scan the barcode or 2D datamatrix on the sensor – alternatively, you can type in the 8 digit serial number found next to it . The App will automatically find the information on the database – with details of the product as supplied, build date, and any relevant manuals and certificates. If you register and login, you get even more information and updates when more apps are released.

If you can’t find the information for any reason, please contact us and we will always be happy to help!  Make sure you use your portable device in a designated safe area.


  • Data on your device when you need it
  • ATEX safety manual with certificate for conformance
  • Ensures your sensor is compatible and complete
  • Relevant test certs for transmitters (with registration)

Download: The apps are  available as a free-of-charge download at

The Apple App Store


The Google Play Store     (