An intrinsically safe (Ex ia) solenoid operated pilot suitable for all hazardous areas, regardless of the gas zone and temperature class, is now available from Asco Numatics. The LISC solenoid operator is compatible with ASCO Numatics spool valves and has a low power consumption. Rated to IP67 it is approved for use in dusty atmospheres.

Ex ia protection enables the valve to be installed in explosive atmospheres up to zone 0-20. This means it can be used in the chemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries, or in plants for flammable products.

Compatible with all intrinsic safety isolated zener barriers, the solenoid features an aluminium body with an FPM seal and has a power rating of 0.46W at 12/24V DC. The pilot has a pressure rating of 2 to 10bar and can be used in temperatures from -40 to +65°C.

Asco Numatics