A monoflange-style ball valve for interfacing instruments to process piping has been launched by the instrumentation products division of Parker Hannifin. The bidirectional valve range, called Monoball, is available in four sizes with bores of 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm and offers a full cold working pressure rating of 6,000 PSI (414 bar) with 100% bubble-tight shut-off.

The monoflange-style construction is said to make the  valve lighter and more compact than conventional flange-to-flange mounted ball valves. This means it is suitable for space- and weight-sensitive applications such as offshore platforms, as well as the common isolation requirements found in oil, gas and chemical processing.

In addition to being used an isolation valve, the compact construction means the valve can be used as a building block for configuring multi-valve manifold arrangements. This provides a simple means of coupling instruments closely to process piping, to allow the safe removal of an instrument valve if it needs replacing due to damage or plugging. The valve body is machined from a single forging, reducing potential leak paths to the minimum.

Parker Hannifin