On September 25th Bronkhorst will be holding its first Thermal technology based seminars at the Fairlawns Hotel and Spa in Aldridge, West Midlands. This is a 100% free of charge event and will demonstrate Bronkhorst “Knowledge Transfer” philosophy. For many years Bronkhorst UK has conducted both formal and informal training courses aimed at increasing the knowledge of users of their range of flow, pressure and vapour control instrumentation. Having canvassed customer opinion, Bronkhorst has now extended the programme to include multiple levels of knowledge transfer to provide, when necessary, a tailor-made solution to such a broad topic.
At its most simple level, Bronkhorst UK has established a separate “learning zone” within the Sensors and Instrumentation Exhibition where customers can hold a practical hands-on session with working demonstration equipment. This concept is also included within “Technology Days” whereby a drop-in session can be arranged within customers’ premises to allow engineers and users the freedom to experience the finer details of the product line without disrupting their normal work flow. A more structured approach can be seen with the Product Seminars that include an element of theory as well as the practical learning. Common to all, however, is the leaning towards sharing both experience and “the tricks of the trade” that are most useful to the actual user.
At the opposite end of the spectrum a series of Certified or non-Certified training events can be arranged at the Bronkhorst UK Head Office, at the manufacturing facilities within mainland Europe, at the customer’s premises or even at an independent location. The emphasis is more towards formalised learning that includes theory and specifications in addition to practical sessions. The number of delegates can vary from 4 up to 20 but this does rather depend on the exact nature of the event.
Most important of all is the flexibility within the programme allowing any combination of modules/topics to be tailor-made to your specific needs. If you are interested in signing up for the seminar or would like to arrange a ‘Knowledge Transfer’ day please contact us; Bronkhorst UK, Email: sales@bronkhorst.co.uk, T: 01223 833222