Zwick’s ‘roboTest F’ robotic testing system offers a compact solution for automated tensile tests on dimensionally unstable specimens including plastics and foils. Designed to make materials testing during the production process efficient and reliable, the system comprises an Allround-Line testing machine with extended test area.

Specimens for the tensile test are fed into a magazine with a capacity of up to 200 items.

The magazine consists of a base and a revolving chain with parallel clamp-type holders in which the specimens are gripped. The holders vary according to the type and shape of the specimen.

In addition to a medium-term reduction in testing costs, the advantage of this system lies in error-free testing.

This compact system is suitable for retrofitting to an existing Zwick testing machine.

Manual tests can be performed as and when required by simply disconnecting the specimen feeding system.

Additional options for the system include automatic determination of specimen thickness, positive, accurate specimen identification via barcode and sending test results automatically via text message or e-mail.