The Alpine Dura Line Shredder from Hosokawa Micron is a robust, single shaft crusher/shredder which has applications in processing plastics, wood, glass, recycled and fibrous materials and other difficult to handle products.

Available with drive powers from 45 to 250kW, the patented multi-edge cutting shaft in monoblock construction has diameters from 400 to 800mm and lengths from 1000 to 2000mm.

The knife seats are milled into the shaft, providing the cutters with high impact strength.

Dura Line shredders are characterised by a heavy duty torsion-free support construction and use a modular design that is available with different qualities and number of knives. Depending on the material to be processed, patented tungsten carbide knives, having a variety of profiles, can easily be inserted with no risk of distortion. Special perforated screen meshes permit precise control of the final product size.

Plastic film or fibres can be processed effectively and a menu-guided control system makes it possible to programme variables such as cutting power, power consumption and other procedural parameters. Optional hydraulic drives ensure smooth operation even under extreme load conditions.