Continuous TOC monitoring for continuous improvement

Apr 3, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: Food processor Greencore Foods operates its Selby site on a continuous improvement basis, with its own dedicated wastewater treatment plant to monitor and control effluent quality and minimise costly discharge fees. Overload of organics on the effluent treatment plant adversely affects the efficiency of the treatment process, and if waste is not treated to the required standard, then the site will be unable to achieve the river discharge parameters set by the Environment Agency.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analysis was carried out manually by collecting samples and analysing them in a laboratory. This method led to waste, both in terms of time and resources, and provided no direct information to control the effluent plant or provide an early warning of process issues.

Solution: The BioTector, a continuous TOC monitor from Hach Lange, has been installed to improve the plant’s wastewater treatment process. As a result, the plant is better able to quickly respond to changes in the influent.

To achieve continuous function in harsh process environments, the BioTector uses an oxidation process to breakdown organics without thermal dependence. A self-cleaning facility prevents particles becoming trapped. The BioTector can take a representative sample without pre-filtering, allowing over 80,000 continuous measurements a year.

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