Effective bottle drying without the risk of contamination

Apr 3, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: Haus Rabenhorst, a German producer of undiluted fruit and vegetable juices, required a bottle drying system that could handle 125, 330 and 500ml bottles. The company was keen to avoid the use of compressed air, as it identified problems such as operating cost, potential safety hazards and the risk of product contamination, the last point being particularly significant for Rabenhorst due to its focus on purity and integrity.

Solution: An Air Control Industries (ACI) blower-powered bottle drying system has been supplied to Rabenhorst by ACI distributor in Germany, Carl von Gehlen. The assembled package is based on ACI’s EL (Eye Level) configuration, employing JetPlate air delivery plenums that drive moisture down and off the bottles. Because the plenums have flat acrylic faces, they can be positioned close to the bottles for efficient air delivery and also act as guide rails to prevent bottles falling over.

Air is delivered by an ACI 15kW EP10A blower housed in an acoustic enclosure, with an air filter to ensure delivery of clean dry air.

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