Steam switch

Apr 3, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: The Heinz plant in Dundalk, Ireland, produces frozen ready meals, primarily for the UK. The plant is a large steam user, using steam in the cooking process and to heat water for washdown. A large firetube boiler was in use, but a replacement was needed in order to improve energy efficiency across all operations.

Solution: The decision was made to switch to two Babcock Wanson EMS7000 sequence controlled Steam Generators, complete with high efficiency Economisers.

The ESM is said to offer operating efficiencies of 96-97% overall and low emissions. It maintains a close ratio between the burner firing rate and water input by controlling the combustion air and feed water pumps via inverter drive. Therefore, steam output and steam quality is controlled with the lowest practicable consumption of electrical power.

Further benefits of the ESMs include improved safety, simplicity of control, a compact size and quiet, cleaner and cooler operation.

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