Organisers of this year’s Bosch Technology Horizons Awards are reminding teachers and students alike that the deadline for entries to discover the ‘engineering star of the future’ is 20th April 2012.

The competition questions encourage students to delve into topics concerning environmental technology and the impact of engineering on the 2012 Olympics.

First prize in the 14-18 age group is £700 whilst the winner of the 18-24 age group will receive £1,000. 

Felicity Harer, winner of the 2011 awards, said: “The research I did for my essay gave me  a good idea of the direction engineering is heading in, and exposed me to some of the emerging fields of technology that are currently relatively unknown. My new awareness of the topic helped me make an informed choice when choosing modules to study at University.”

Peter Fouquet, UK president of the company, commented:  “Engineering is about problem solving, but the fact is that we have a shortage of engineers in the UK which must be addressed if we are to solve many of the critical problems we face, such as climate change.”

He continued: “The (award) is designed to show young people that engineering can not only be a lucrative career with excellent career progression opportunities but also a worthwhile career which can make an enormous contribution to society and economic performance.”

Every teacher submitting 20 or more of their students’ essays in the 14-18 age group can choose from a selection of the company’s products. The two schools submitting the highest number of essays will each receive an additional hamper of products worth £500 and representatives will be invited to the award presentation day in London.

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