The Rosemount 0085 non-intrusive Pipe Clamp Sensor, from Emerson Process Management provides a simple, fast solution for adding temperature measurements and increased process visibility in areas where intrusive sensors are not possible.

Plant operators need accurate temperature measurements that provide an insight into their operation. This temperature measurement solution allows data capture in applications where it is not possible for intrusive measurements to be taken due to the excessive stress placed on sensors with thermowells. 

The sensor is optimised for ideal sensor-pipe contact and heat transfer, with a spring-loaded sensor and a conductive flat nickel or silver sensor tip. The device is designed to hold a transmitter in its assembly, and when paired with the Rosemount 648 wireless transmitter, gives operators immediate access to reliable temperature measurements, with no process intrusion.

When using the 0085 non-intrusive Pipe Clamp Sensor, process manufacturers will have enhanced visibility across their operation, and be better positioned to resolve issues proactively, improve operations, and meet quality and production targets while lowering costs. The sensor is easy to configure and maintain, and its simple two-bolt design makes it easy to install.

Emerson Process Management