The Gast Group – a member of the IDEX Corporation’s health and science division – has introduced the JUN-AIR iQdryer, a new high purity, heatless desiccant air dryer that reduces the energy consumed by compressors by reducing pressure drop. The revolutionary design applies modern materials and a number of patented features to increase reliability and simplify maintenance procedures, while ensuring continuous delivery of high-quality compressed air.

To ensure reliability and eliminate the risk associated with float drain malfunction, condensate is collected in a ‘quiet-zone’ that is vented with every cycle using timed solenoids. Purge adjustment screws are also located after fine dust filtration to eliminate contamination and the loss of performance.

Maintenance has been simplified by combining the filter and desiccant in an easily exchanged, externally-fitted cartridge, which has increased maintenance intervals from 2000 hours to 4000 hours and means that the handling of loose desiccant and contaminants is avoided. In addition, JUN-AIR has introduced an all-in-one service kit that contains everything required to service the iQdryer, including new cartridges. These kits, which are available from Gast Group’s UK headquarters or via its local, regional and national distributors, contain easy-to-follow instructions and are sealed in air-tight foil bags to prolong shelf life.

The iQdryer’s unique, patented design combines the filter and desiccant dryer in a single cartridge and, by eliminating external filters and drains, JUN-AIR claims that the iQdryer reduces the energy consumed by the compressor.

An integrated PLC control and display system provides full operational and monitoring data. It also indicates when the iQdryer requires servicing and, to prevent wet air travelling downstream, ensures the dryer resumes its cycle from where it was interrupted.

The iQdryer has a maximum working pressure of 12 barg (optimum range between 4 and 10 barg) and will be available for all JUN-AIR’s oil-free compressors, including its stand-alone and cabinet-based solutions. It meets the highest standards of purity, delivering air in accordance with ISO 8573:1 2001, Class 2 dust (1 micron) and Class 2 water (-40°C pressure dew point). In addition, its high-tensile, extruded aluminium columns contain twin dryer chambers that are anodized for corrosion protection. A pressure maintaining device ensures that desiccant bed velocities are controlled to maintain dew-point performance; and the patented filter/desiccant cartridges (one per column) contain desiccant and inlet/outlet filtration.

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