ISOtunes, an industry leader in Bluetooth hearing protection, announces the launch of its latest product: ISOtunes LITE. For hobbyists and DIYers using power tools and power equipment, ISOtunes LITE is an affordable Bluetooth earbud that offers a lightweight design and easy-to-use functionality, allowing users to easily protect their hearing without breaking the bank. 

This pair of certified hearing protectors introduces ISOtunes’ TRILOGYTM Universal eartips that fit most ear canals. The eartips offer superior noise isolation with secure-fit ear fins to ensure users get a snug and safe fit for each wear. ISOtunesLITE’s new eartip design makes it easier than ever for hobbyists, or anyone who may be new to hearing protection, to safely and affordably protect their hearing.

“We continue to diversify our headphone offerings as we devote time and energy to meet the needs of all consumers who need hearing protection,” said Eric Murphy, Co-Founder of ISOtunes. “Many DIYers and people with loud hobbies need some type of hearing protection, but don’t want to break the bank. ISOtunes LITE is the audio solution for them and we hope it exceeds their expectations when it comes to sound, design and affordability.”

ISOtunes LITE is an in-ear option offering the brand’s best-selling neckband style. LITE allows for continuous connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices and all-day protection with up to 10 hours of battery life. This model is one of the most affordable hearing protection options available while supporting Bluetooth 5.0, and a multi-functional controller on the neckband allowing for up to 30 feet from a connected device. The earbuds cost £59.99.

LITE features IP-67 durability for dust, water and sweat proof protection and comes with ISOtunes’ trademarked TRILOGYTM Universal foam eartips and secure-fit ear fins to ensure users get a snug and safe fit for each wear. Its SafeMaxTM technology also limits volume output to 85dB. LITE also features multi-function magnetic earbuds that help the band stay around your neck while the eartips are out of the ear, posing no hazard and little risk of dropping the product. Each purchase includes one pair of the TRILOGYTM Universal foam eartips, three pairs of ISOtunes’TRILOGYTMeartips ranging from size small to large, and a micro USB charging cord.

ISOtunes LITE is currently available for purchase on ISOtunes‘ brand website here.