HBM has launched the MX1615 measuring amplifier module with universal inputs to handle the full range of strain gage measuring tasks. The module enables the connection of up to 16 strain gage channels in a variety of configurations including full- half- and quarter-bridge with both 3-wire and patented Kreuzer 4-wire circuit.

The module enhances measurement flexibility because all channels can also be used to record standardized voltage signals of ± 10 V as well as temperatures with a PT100 sensor. Each channel can be individually parameterized and every channel is equipped with 24-bit A/D converters. The data rate of 19.2 kHz and the maximum bandwidth of 3 kHz per channel ensure that the MX1615 covers a wide analysis range.

The excitation voltage of the strain gage channels can be selected for each channel as a carrier frequency or DC voltage. The carrier frequency method, electrical isolation of channels and cyclic auto-adjustment algorithms make the measuring amplifier very insensitive to the electromagnetic interference associated with inverters, high current flow or electrical machines, for example.

The MX1615 can easily be combined with other modules to rapidly create distributed measurement architecture because it forms part of HBM’s comprehensive QuantumX measuring system. This means that it can easily be combined with analog outputs, digital inputs/outputs, CAN bus or EtherCAT connections. Data transfer to a PC is simplified by the use of Ethernet TCP/IP.

For more information see http://www.hbm.de/quantumX.