Water companies are losing vast sums of money because their mains are only working to around half of their designed capacity – according to a leading flow control innovator.

IVL Flow-Control, who have already established an innovative new automated water distribution system with a UK water company, claim that air pockets and accumulated air bubbles in mains networks mean that in most cases, capacity is at best only 50 per cent.

Craig Stanners, Director at IVL Flow-Control, commented:  “We’re not only talking about the quite shocking gap in mains capacity, but there are operational issues that also hamper most water and waste water distribution networks”.

In response to what Stanners describes as an ‘industry-wide problem’, IVL Flow-Control has developed a new 80mm Air Valve (R Triple Function Potable Water and Waste Water) that ensures that the main will work to 100% of its designed capacity. 

He added:  “This is a game-changing air valve that will provide proper operation of the pipeline network by releasing the air pockets during working conditions.  It will also provide the evacuation and the entrance of large volumes of air during filling and draining operations”.

IVL Flow-Control’s new 80mm R Triple Function Air Valves also benefit from a stainless steel filter that prevents contamination to the potable water system by stopping insects and flies from entering the main.  In addition, the new Air Valve’s design increases air flow when charging and discharging the main.

Working conditions are:  Potable water 70°C/ 158°F Max; Maximum pressure 40 bar; Minimum pressure 0.2 bar.