PPMA Show Preview, Travtec Group, Stand E10

At the PPMA Show, the Travtec Group will be introducing enhanced versions of its on- and off line coding solutions that enable companies to meet latest EC track & trace regulations.  In addition, the company will be demonstrating its special Foil Traversing Unit for the Wolke m600 printer featuring foil compatible ink.

The recent EC Falsified Medicines Directive track and trace legislation requires all pharmaceutical packaging supplied within the EC to incorporate a serialised 2D Datamatrix code on individual packs.  Both the new Pharmacarton Elite and enlarged TR-760-TT Speed Feeder are able to meet these requirements by providing total control of the carton during the print and vision process to ensure the accurate and high quality printing of high density barcodes and 2D codes to ECC200/GS1 standards. 

The Pharmacarton Elite can be integrated into existing packaging lines and the TR-750-TT has been designed to operate off-line.  Both are fully adjustable to suit a range of carton sizes.  Each machine incorporates the Wolke m600 Advanced high resolution ink jet printer and an OCR/OCV optical character verification system.  A fail-to-safety reject unit with pack confirmation further guarantees the authenticity of each coded pack.

The Pharmacarton Elite features a new compact and sleek design with an enclosed operating unit and clean, smooth appearance that eliminates any nooks and crannies where waste materials could congregate.  This ensures fast line clearance at the end of each production run.  In addition, a redesigned user-friendly menu-driven touchscreen interface allows simplified operation and easy changeovers.

The TR-760-TT is a larger version of Travtec’s proven 750 model and is capable of handling cartons, boards, sheets, blister and credit cards in an even wider variety of sizes.  As well as the m600, the feeder can also be used in conjunction with labellers and print & apply labellers for maximum flexibility.  The machine is fully portable and features a programmable operator interface for full control of the feeding operation, together with a batch counter that stops the machine when the pre-set quantity is reached.  An optional Shingling Conveyor can be specified for continuous production.

The Wolke m600 Advanced uses HP technology and water-based inks to deliver clean and maintenance-free real time coding onto a wide range of substrates, producing characters and bar codes up to 600 dpi.  In addition, the printer can now be specified with an ink for non-porous surfaces such as blister foil packs.  The specially formulated solvent based ink offers excellent finish and enhanced clarity even for small characters, while Travtec’s special Traversing Unit enables the printer to be integrated into existing blister lines with multiple head configurations.

Travtec Group will be sharing its stand at the PPMA Show with Videojet and ICE.

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