Requirements for high-tech automation systems are becoming ever stricter at a rapid pace. Within this context, the already nearly unmanageable diversity of sensors is presenting above all product developers, engineers and users with the immense challenge of not losing track. wenglor sensoric GmbH has long since recognized this situation and has simplified searching in the Product World for its customers. With the help of the new wenglor product selector, users are easily able to launch searches through more than 2,000 products and, as registered customers, can place orders online 24 hours a day.

The product selector has already been integrated into the catalog’s user interface on wenglor’s website. As of immediately, it provides users with the opportunity of filtering based on the most important technical characteristics of the comprehensive product portfolio, as well as making concise comparisons. New is the feature to select from up to 20 different technical characteristics per product category, for example range, layout, interface, output and many others – an enormous advantage which helps the user find the right products and components as quickly as possible. “Our customers save a great deal of time as a result, they can find the desired product on their own initiative and they’re able to keep track of things despite growing diversity!”, explains wenglor general manager Fabian Baur.

Due to the great diversity of technical characteristics made available by its sensors and components, wenglor additionally offers a well-conceived exchange function, by means of which selected features can be substituted with others, thus providing every customer enquiry with its own individualized results. This makes a direct comparison with relevant characteristics possible.

“As a rule, an entire bundle of technical characteristics is of decisive importance for our customers – not just one or two features”, says Baur. “Presenting these large amounts of information in a user-friendly fashion, making it easy to generate comparisons with other products and rendering these functions freely accessible was the idea behind the selector.”

Up to six features can be displayed simultaneously, and the results window is updated automatically each time a change is entered. Besides that, the opportunity to shop 24 hours per day, to receive tracking informations, to make availability checks or to save shopping templates belong to a mandatory range of service offers.

The new world of wenglor products can be accessed on the Internet at