In response to the growth of the mobile computing market, SolutionsPT has formed a partnership with 40 year old IT hardware specialist, Maxa Technologies (Maxatec) to provide a range of lightweight mobile tablets designed to meet the demands of the industrial world.

Offering enterprise mobility, the Pidion BP50, BP70 and BP80 are fully rugged tablets available with 7 or 10 inch screens, designed for anyone who wants to improve productivity and interrogate data on the move.

The robust design allows users to look at diagrams and systematics on a light-weight hand-held device, specifically designed for industrial use. Pidion tablets are lighter and more user-friendly than existing industrial tablet PCs, with the look and feel of a consumer device, but packing the punch of a rugged tablet.

The range of tablets use Pidion ‘TankSmith™’ Technology for the outer chassis and a Corning® Gorilla-Glass screen to offer resilience to impact. Partnered with an IP65 rating for dust and water ingress, the device can also withstand multiple drops from heights in excess of 1 metre.  Every Pidion tablet comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication as standard, with 4G LTE and NFC as readily available options.

The BP tablets are available with either Windows 7/8 or Android 4.0 operating systems as well as a range of ‘Smart-Plugs’ to enable features such as a magnetic stripe reader for user authentication by swiping ID cards, or a 1D & 2D barcode scanner option.

Wayne Ashworth, Mobile Product Manager at SolutionsPT said: “IT products have been slowly making their way to the manufacturing floor for some time now, and although tablet PCs are a fantastic tool to access and interrogate real-time data on the move, consumer grade tablet PCs are not designed to withstand the rigours of the industrial environment. This partnership with Maxatec will enable us to deliver a robust mobile computing solution to help our clients improve productivity.”

The product range is being offered by Maxatec with a 3 year manufacturing defect warranty as standard.

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