Two thermal imagers have been added to the Ti1xx and TiR1xx Series from Fluke. Positioned between the entry-level Ti100 and the higher specification Ti110 and TiR110, the Ti105 Thermal Imager is designed for technicians who need to maintain and inspect electrical and mechanical equipment and components, while the Fluke TiR105 is for facilities managers, building inspection and energy audit professionals evaluating and reporting insulation problems, air leakage, moisture issues, or construction defects.

Weighing just 0.73kg, each thermal imager is balanced to sit  in the hand. All buttons are within gloved-thumb reach and the imager is light enough to aim either vertically or horizontally and to use for long stretches.

The Ti105 and TiR105 feature Fluke’s IR-Fusion technology, which blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely document problem areas. They come complete with SmartView professional IR analysis and reporting software, an adjustable hand strap, an SD memory card, a USB cable for PC image download, a lithium ion removable and rechargeable smart battery, and an AC charger/power supply with mains adapter.


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