The Deeter Group has attained ATEX and IECEx approval on a range of sensor products, enabling them to be used in hazardous environments and opening up a new market for the products.

For example, ATEX approval is now available on the LVCS range of continuous output stainless steel vertical liquid level sensors. Available with digital and a number of different analogue output options, including 4-20mA current loop, the LVCS range may be specified with an 8 or 12mm sensor tube diameter, 1” or 2” ball float and from 100 to 4000mm tube length with optional thread  The ATEX approval has been granted on both the standard Deeter LVCS and the optional Hall-Effect sensor versions. 

Also now ATEX approved are the Deeter Group’s flexible range of vertical float switches, which may be specified with up to 7 floats at 1” or 2” diameter, 8 or 12mm diameter tube, with lengths between 60 to 4000mm and optional thread mounting. Low and high voltage switch options are available in either SPDT or SPST contact forms.

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