Software tools for planning and designing industry-grade WLAN networks

Belden announces from its Hirschmann product range two new software tools for WLAN projects: BAT-Planner and BAT-Planner pro. As well as aiding the planning of industry-grade networks, these tools, which are compatible with all Windows operating systems, also help configure the necessary components. Downloadable free of charge from ““, the BAT-Planner is intended for end users who lack WLAN knowledge but would nevertheless like to create a list of the Hirschmann components required for their particular solution. Building on BAT-Planner, and intended for WLAN specialists, BAT-Planner pro provides a range of additional features.  The software tools are scheduled to become available in the first quarter (BAT-Planner) or second quarter (BAT-Planner pro) of 2012.

BAT-Planner aids in the outline planning of WLAN networks. The specific site conditions can be imported in the form of maps. This is followed by the creation of plans for infrastructure networks and wireless distribution systems (WDS). The result of this process is a materials list containing all the active and passive components from Hirschmann‘s BAT range (such as access points, clients, antennas and cables) that are required to implement the network. The tool enables end customers to familiarize themselves with the planning of WLAN networks while also obtaining information about the costs of the required material.

BAT-Planner pro was developed for the second phase of professional project planning. It permits system integrators, distributors and IT service providers, as well as Belden’s WLAN sales partners, to take the customer’s outline planning as input and gradually refine it until the final design for the WLAN network is complete. Features include the creation of 3D views and site surveys. In addition to material lists, comprehensive installation instructions and configuration data for active BAT components is also available. The results of the planning process are documented in the form of a detailed network report.

By adding these new software tools to its Hirschmann product range, Belden has further expanded its portfolio for industry-grade WLAN networks. As product manager Olaf Schilperoort reports: “With BAT-Planner and BAT-Planner pro, we are providing both end customers and WLAN specialists with exactly the tools they need to cooperate effectively in the implementation of WLAN projects. Both sides are able to profit from our many years of experience in providing wireless technology for the industry sector.”

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