Eliminate waste

Jul 17, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: A food process trouble shooting consultant, working for an importer and packer of fruit, wanted a tray loading machine that could eliminate product waste and increase the throughput of netted fruit packing. Trefor Mason was looking for an automated solution that could overcome the drawbacks of manual packing and eliminate product bruising, increase line throughput and re-deploy manual workers.

Solution: Pacepacker Services has responded to the request with the introduction of the FlexaPac tray loading machine. The machine, which can pack in excess of 60 nets of fruit per minute, replaces the current labour intensive approach of loading netted products into crates, trays and cartons by hand via a rotary table.

The FlexaPac concept comprises two parallel conveyor belts which transport the bags of fruit from the net packing machine onto FlexaPac’s set of landing platforms. Here, once the correct quantity of netted product has been recognised by the system, they are gently pushed onto a set of lowering plates, which then smoothly lower the product into the waiting tray below – completely eliminating product damage and waste. Without human handling, the system evenly distributes layers of fruit, below the level of the tray bale arms or carton lips, until the required quantity is met. The system uses a combination of touch screen, PLC and servo systems.

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