High speed packing of random size cases

Jul 17, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: A global snacks manufacturer was looking for a high speed solution to seal random size cases of crisps.

Solution: The introduction of Endoline’s 744 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer is expected to help manufacturers increase the speed of their production output. The machine achieves a rate of up to 30 cases per minute – an increase of over 50% on even the Endoline 734 high speed fully automatic random case sealer.

The increase in speed is due to the inclusion of servo drives. While running at its optimum level, the Endoline 744 will, according to the company, be the fastest in the European market. With this capability to handle a high volume of random case sizes, the 744 can be fed via multiple lines – an advantage to any manufacturer with a high output of various sized case loads.

Alan Yates, MD of Endoline Machinery, said: “We were approached, via our Australian distributor, by a leading global snacks manufacturer who was looking for a high speed solution to seal random size cases of crisps. Our engineers have used multiple servos to track case and head positions for exact synchronisation and to maximise throughput and reliability. As a result not only are we meeting the customer’s needs; the introduction of the Endoline 744 has boosted our portfolio of servo driven machines – giving manufacturers another higher speed option.”


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