Salad days are here

Jul 17, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: Willowbrook Foods, a grower and processor of vegetable salads, stir-fry and mash products in Ireland,   was looking for weighing equipment that was flexible and accurate, enabling frequent and rapid changes to pack size and format.

Solution: Ishida multihead weighers, supplied by SF Engineering of Co Sligo, are optimising the fresh salad packing operation at the produce processor.

The first Ishida weigher was selected following a performance and price comparison by Willowbrook Foods of several alternative applications. This led the company to install two more in order to further enhance its fresh salad packing line.

In addition to flexibility and accuracy, the weighers offer high speeds for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Gentle product handling is essential in packing fresh salads to avoid bruising or damage. The Ishida design ensures that salad does not stick or cling to handling surfaces. The product is also accurately weighed into bags to reduce waste and giveaway.

SF Engineering’s experience and excellent working relationship with its customer enabled the company to supply the right equipment, in a timely fashion at a competitive price.


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