Maintaining the quality of milk

Jan 11, 2013 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem: Moolicious Foods required heat exchangers for a dairy application system at its factory in Moville, Ireland. The company produces small units of long-life milk for supply to the food service sector in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East. Unlike the UHT equivalent, the units will retain a fresh taste for up to twelve months. Technical input at Moolicious Foods is the responsibility of Diotte Consulting & Technology.

Solution: The MI Series from HRS?Heat Exchangers are designed to achieve commercial sterility and are being used to heat whole milk at Moolicious. Manufactured from welded/seamless tubes HRS MI Series suit applications in the food industry as the double tube sheet design avoids cross contamination between the product and service fluids. The corrugated tube and shell heat exchangers ensure efficient heat transfer and offer superior hygienic reliability and simple cleaning-in-place (CIP) routines.

Stephen Wooler, technical design engineer, HRS Heat Exchangers, said, “The food grade multi-tube heat exchanger that HRS supplied to Moolicious ensures safe and cost-effective manufacturing of milk, while decreasing waste and emission levels. We offer bespoke solutions to our customers and worked closely with Diotte…”

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