Börger has designed the Rotorrake for simple, yet effective size reduction of coarse solids in wastewater treatment and biogas applications. The reversible knife rotation against fixed counter knives bring about a course macerating effect for chopping and grinding tough solids such as rags, plastics, manure and crops for feedstock.

According to Börger, the Rotorrake is easy to service, incorporating the company’s  Maintenance in Place (MIP) concept that includes a quick-release cover and single screw removal for access. Rotorrake is also modular and has a small footprint.

Operating blockage-free, the unit  achieves the size reduction of solids with throughputs up to 800m3/m (3,500 usgpm). Centrifugal forces aid the collection of any stones or debris that drop into its large stone trap, which can then be easily empted via a front cover.

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