The new “PROmax” switched-mode power supply units from Weidmüller are the ideal choice for users needing powerful power supplies for their machines and systems. They enable versatile solutions for demanding automation tasks. The power supplies for large machines and systems with intense, transient loads at high cabinet temperatures are especially challenging. Failures caused by device defects can also impact on the entire production line and result in high costs. This is not the case with “PROmax” – the switched-mode power supply units supply the power required for overloads, even at high temperatures. The new “PROmax” series of switched-mode power supply units supplies continuous overloads of up to 20% or transient peak loads of 300% with ease.

Weidmüller also covers complex applications with its powerful and durable “PROmax” range of switched-mode power supply units. Indeed, “PROmax” offers high boost capability (150% power boost for 4 s and 120% at = 45°C) and full capacity in the wide temperature range of -25°C to +70°C. With start-up temperatures of -40°C, “PROmax” is proving itself to be especially robust. Also, high MTBF values of more than 500,000 hours cut an impressive figure and offer a reliable power supply (MTBF = Mean Time Between Failures). Thanks to their slim width and side-by-side mountability, “PROmax” devices save on installation space on the DIN rail.

“PROmax” is suitable for high loads and is designed to be extremely efficient. Constant output ratings of up to 120% at temperatures of up to +45°C and high output peaks of up to 300 percent guarantee safe operation even in the limit range. A high degree of efficiency of up to 92% and low idling losses translate into permanently low power consumption and a long service life.

Two-coloured LED displays (on the front of the device for on-site analysis) and an integrated status relay (for remote monitoring) allow for swift condition diagnosis, making it easier for users to analyse conditions and errors — both during commissioning and subsequent operation. The potentiometer on the front enables the precise setting of the output voltage.

“PROmax” devices are available in 16 variants: users can choose from 12 single-phase devices and 4 three-phase devices (from an output current of 3 A to 40 A and with output voltages of 5 V DC to 48 V DC). The “PROmax” series is certified according to CE and TÜV (EN/IEC 60950-1); the products also hold various international approvals, allowing for all-purpose use around the globe (cURus, cULus, C-Tick, GOST, SEMI F47, CCC, GL (EMC1) and Cl1Div2). All of the “PROmax” switched-mode power supply units fall under overvoltage category III. They can easily be combined with Weidmüller’s diode modules, capacity modules and UPS components – to assemble a redundant power supply, for instance.

The Weidmüller portfolio not only includes the “PROmax” series, but also the “PROeco”, “PRO-H” and “INSTAPOWER” families of switched-mode power supply units, all of which cover different requirements. The economic and compact “PROeco” switched-mode power supply units offer a reliable and efficient power supply with all of the basic functions. The “PRO-H” family of power supplies is used to tackle more demanding tasks in the processing segment, for instance, and is synonymous with fantastic reliability given that it boasts MTBF values of up to 1.8 million hours. “INSTAPOWER” switched-mode power supply units, meanwhile, are predominantly used in building automation.

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